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Italian Linen

Italian linen shorts

One of the oldest fabrics known to man, linen is known for being naturally breathable and for having a luxurious yet casual appearance. Because it can absorb up to twenty times its weight in moisture before it feels damp, linen fabric feels cool and dry to the touch. It is one of nature's strongest fibers, and yet it gets softer and softer over time. The linen we use comes from a mill in the Modena region of northern Italy, where decades of know-how of dyeing and finishing textiles guarantee the highest quality standards. Perfect for our summer shorts.


Cotton-Nylon Stretch

Japanese cotton-nylon stretch swim shorts

Sourced from a Japanese mill in the Hokuriku region that has been in operation since 1930, our cotton-nylon stretch fabric combines a high quality cotton hand-feel and a comfortable stretch with the quick-dry characteristics and durability of nylon. With over 85 years of experience in textile production comes an unsurpassed level of quality, lifting this pair of shorts beyond swimwear to a level of style and comfort that will keep you coming back to it time and again.


Polyester Microfibre

Polyester microfibre tailored swim shorts

The exceedingly soft fabric we use for our patterned swim shorts comes from a mill in Barcelona, Spain, which specialises in high quality polyester microfibre. Printed using innovative digital sublimation technology, the result is colour-fast and durable; a substantial yet very lightweight fabric that softens with wear, dries quickly and retains its colour despite the challenging conditions that swim shorts are exposed to.



Tencel t-shirt

Softer than silk, stronger than cotton and cooler than linen. Tencel fabric has natural breathability and feels extremely soft and pleasant to the skin, thanks to the smoothness of its fibres and the excellent moisture wicking, which keeps your skin feeling dry and cool. It is anti-bacterial, resistant to developing odours and wrinkle-resistant; perfect for travel.

Tencel was created with colour in mind; thanks to the fibres' high absorbency the fabrics can be dyed to high quality standards, resulting in long-lasting colour richness. In other words, your black t-shirt will stay a deep black. Our Tencel is sourced from a bespoke knitting mill established in 1929 in Melbourne, Victoria.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is a lyocell fibre, made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. Lyocell manufacturing, and Tencel in particular, is an extremely environmentally friendly process: it is derived from a renewable and sustainably harvested raw material, its manufacturing is a closed-loop system (one in which no waste is generated), and its fibres are part of a self-contained raw material cycle, making them biodegradable.