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About us

Far Rockaway

Brand Foundation

There is a sense of timelessness at the water's edge; watching the endless breaking of the waves and the infinite reach of the ocean, you experience a sense of liberation; a release from constraints. We make products that inspire and enhance this feeling of freedom.

By simplifying our designs and focusing on the natural qualities of fabrics, breathability & unique textures that soften over time, we create garments that liberate - that flow within their intended environment.

All garments are designed and prototyped in our Sydney studio, and our fabrics are sourced from world-class mills in Italy, Japan, Spain and Australia. We believe summer wear deserves a focus on style and craftsmanship alongside the laissez-faire attitude that comes with heat.

Mocha Salt is a Sydney-based men's leisurewear brand, committed to high quality pieces that age well and can come to be treasured rather than trashed.